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The antique carpets elevate the category of any space. It is considered old as of 50 years. In Hamid Carpets we have a wide collection of antique carpets, mostly Persian and Caucasian carpets, of different sizes, suitable for living rooms, rooms and corridors. Always with the guarantee of our signature.

We invite you to take a virtual tour through this section where you will discover as a museum, a unique description of each rug, with its history and its origin along with the image of the rug. Real works of art with history.

If you are interested in any of the pieces, please contact us to arrange an appointment and see these spectacular carpets in person.

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  • MELAYIR 194x124


    ANTIQUE MELAYIR PERSIA, 1ST HALF S.XX 194x124 CARPET #980311 Typical design of flowery branches in ocher tones, on a dark blue background, is the main decorative motif of this small rug. The quality of its knotting, as well as the fineness of its wefts and warps, allow all the motifs to be clearly appreciated. The border is narrow and appropriate for...

  • ARDEBIL 204x142

     ANTIQUE ARDEBIL PERSIA, C.1950 204x142 CARPET #67367 Made following the canons of classic design. that gives it the name; It has a central polybulated medallion and hangings, with four corners on a dark blue background with palmettes and flowers in reddish and raw tones. The border of seven fine grooves and flower motifs.Ardebil, was once the...

  • ARMENIBAF 185x138


     ANTIQUE ARMENIBAF NORTH OF PERSIA, MID-CENTURY XX. 185x138 Carpet woven by Armenian tribes of northern Iran and has decorative influence from the rugs of the Caucasus. With a dark blue background, the field contains a medallion, little defined and geometric and colorful in red and light blue. In the rest 4 geometric palmettes, in the same tones. The...

  • SERAPI - HERIZ 388x294


     ANTIQUE SERAPI - HERIZ PERSIA, 1ST HALF TWENTIETH CENTURY 185x138 CARPET: #3308 Just west of Tabriz is the town of Heriz, located in the Iranian part of Azerbaijan. Where other antique rugs from Persia would use a curved shape, Heriz antique rugs will apply a series of angular twists and sharp right angle twists. This rug has a classic central...

  • BAKHTIAR 365x278


     ANTIQUE BAKHTIARI - SHALAMZAR PERSIA, C.1930 185x138 CARPET: #3308 In the south-east of present-day Iran, there is a production area for one of the most solid and colorful rugs in Persia. The Bakhtiari and within it, some have their own surname. In this carpet her design of the field of vases and birds, she grants it, in this one it is...

  • BIDJAR 450x117


     ANTIQUE BIDJAR PERSIA, C.1920 450X117 CARPET: #3347 The city of Bidjar is located between Tabriz and Senneh, in the Northwest of Iran. Its production conserved the use of natural dyes, after 1920, and it is probably the strongest fabric of the Persian rugs, preferably they weave small rugs, the large ones are relatively rare and coveted. His other...

  • KARABAGH 410x123


     OLD CAUCASUS KARABAGH CAUCASUS, C.1910 410x123 CARPET #28856 In the Karabagh region of the South Caucasus, carpets are woven with designs inspired by the Caucasians of the 17th century, others with Kazakh designs and a third more western design, derived from the Savonnerie and Aubbuson carpets, this carpet applies the latter of taste more European....

  • FERAGHAN - SARUQ 482x198


     FERAGHAN - SARUQ PERSA, C.1900 482x198 CARPET #980288 Belonging to the group of "SARUQ or SAROUG" rugs, the Feraghan took that name as a distinctive of the rest of the Saruq and as a sign of elegance for the Persian Principalities, and they were manufactured between 1870 and 1913, north of ARAK. They are characteristic for their narrow and polyvated...

  • FERAGHAN - SARUQ 200x140


    FERAGHAN - SARUQ PERSA, C.1900 200x140 CARPET #31773 Typical Saruq-Feraghan carpet, with an elongated central medallion, which occupies most of the field, with a smooth bright blue background and integrated hangings in a reddish tone and blue flowers, the large corners, with the same motifs of flowery arabesques in a background pearl pink. The...

  • MIKRACH - SEYKUR 230x140


     MIKRACH - SEYKUR  CAUCASUS, C.1950 230x140 CARPET #28856 Main blade design with a rhombus on the inside of the cross-shaped ends, derived from the old Caucasian rugs. Around a variety of plant and floral elements, all on a dark blue background. The wide border, with the motif of branches and roses, very much in the French Savonnerie taste, on a...

  • ISPAHAN 210x140


     OLD ISPAHAN PERSIAN, C.1930 200x140 CARPET #980296 Hailing from the beautiful city of Hispahan, this rug almost all the well-known and weighted elements of Persian rugs. A rounded central medallion and double hangings, with red coloring and touches of blue and ecru on a yellow field, rare and completed with 4 corners with a dark blue background and...

  • ISFAHAN 210x136


     OLD ISFAHAN PERSIAN, EARLY 20TH CENTURY 200x136 CARPET #980369 It comes from the city of Isfahan, center of Persia. Its name AHMAD is due to the name of the master Ahmad of the workshop where it was woven. Unidirectional carpet with a profuse design full of symbolic elements, such as cypresses, birds, fountains, branches and flowers, all in allusion...

  • ISPAHAN 217x138


     OLD ISPAHAN PERSIAN, C.1930 217x138 CARPET #980370 The rounded central medallion and garnet-toned hangings, typical of this production, occupy the center of the field with a beige background, with intertwined flowers and leaves. Four corner corners with a dark blue background with a design of leaves and branches, all in a range of red, blue and...

  • ISPAHAN 222x141


     OLD ISPAHAN PERSIAN, C.1920 222x141 CARPET #980371 From the city of Isfahan, in the center of Persia. A stylized rose with ocher, indigo and ivory surrounded by profuse design on an indigo base It is framed by a freckle in ocher and beige in perfect harmony with the basic colors of the entire rug. For many people, Isfahan is probably the main...

  • KARABAGH 310x155


     ANTIQUE KARABAGH PERSIA, 19TH CENTURY 310x155 CARPET #2233 A succession of flowery borders, branches and leaves, with geometric treatment, are the main reason for the design of this magnificent gallery carpet, the color is intense and varied, red, blue, raw, brown and orange tones that give it great vibrancy. The classic orange-red background border...

  • KERMAN 222x146


     ANTIQUE KERMAN PERSIA, EARLY 20TH CENTURY 222x146 ALFOMBRA #980521 Antique carpet from Kerman, southeast of Persia. Unidirectional carpet with profusion of bouquets and floral motifs very diverse in reds and blues on ivory background that gives it luminosity. Topped with fretwork in indigo, it is also full of floral motifs and cypresses with a...

  • KERMANSHAH 530x123


     ANTIGUA KERMANSHAH PERSIA, EARLY 20TH CENTURY 530x123 CARPET #26332 From the city of Kermanshad to the northwest of Persia. Hallway rug decorated with zig-zag geometric motifs, bordered by three frets with small floral motifs linked together. Very bright colors from vegetable dyes in natural ocher tones over indigo.

  • KERMANSHAH 407x119


     ANTIGUA KERMANSHAH PERSIA, C.1930 407x119 CARPET #980137 Classic diamond pattern on a dark blue background, typical of rugs created in the Kermanshah region. Within these floral motifs in varied colors, oranges, browns, blues and ecru, in a chromatic range balanced with the rest. The border has a design of toothed and alternate leaves in the main...

  • KERMANSHAH 478x123


     ANTIGUA KERMANSHAH PERSIA, C.1930 478x123 CARPET #980379 In the rhombuses of the field of this carpet there are motifs of the Caucasus, eight-pointed stars and crosses with flowers inside. The background is dark blue almost black, which makes them stand out more, the color is varied in tones, reds, oranges, pale blue and beige. The border is narrow...

  • MELAYIR 404x100


    ANTIQUE MELAYIR PERSIA, EARLY 20TH CENTURY 404x100 CARPET #H93 This runner rug is created in one of the best quality and production facilities in present day Iran, small pot motifs are often used to create tremendous patterns all over the surface. The field has various background tones, dark blue, pale green and beige, but the motif is the same "poth"...

  • MELAYIR 195x145


    ANTIQUE MELAYIR PERSIA, C.1920 195x145 CARPET #H93 Antique Melayir rugs are among a group of the best made in Iran along with Senneh and Sarug-Feraghan, and their colors and designs are among the most prominent. Starting from a rounded blue flower, the rhombus-shaped medallion and rounded edges and the hangings, on a dark blue background, surrounded...

  • MASHAD 378x222


    ANTIQUE MASHAD PERSIA, END OF 20TH CENTURY 378x222 CARPET #3454 Mashad origin in northeastern Iran. Carpet with profuse vegetable dyes and discreetly decorated with two rosettes on its red field. Its narrow main border also with floral motifs on indigo.

  • RAVAR - KERMAN 468x324


    ANTIQUE RAVAR - KERMAN PERSIA, 19TH CENTURY 468x324 CARPET #980141 Kirman is one of the best-known and world-renowned Persian carpet productions, its production from the late 19th and early 20th centuries inspired by the old ones from the 17th century. The Ravar or Laver are known for their delicate designs and the fineness of their workmanship. The...

  • SERAPI 440x338


    ANTIQUE SERAPI PERSIA, 19TH CENTURY 440x338 CARPET #H66 From eastern Azerbaijan near the Heriz area, the term Serapi is used as the best example of production. Its design is typical and almost unique, a rounded central rose window and around it a medallion in a blue tone and geometric edges, with four dark blue serrated leaves and two inverted...

  • SENNEH 192x122


    ANTIQUE SENNEH PERSIA, 19TH CENTURY 192x122 CARPET #43294 Senneh is the capital of Persian Kurdistan and its carpets are characterized by their single-weft construction, which allows for beautiful and perfect designs. The design used in this rug can be called "Cypress" or "Boteh", since both are represented one inside the other, on a beige...

  • SHIRVAN 323x124


    ANTIQUE SHIRVAN CAUCASUS, 19TH CENTURY 323x124 CARPET #2413 Shirvan is part of present-day Azerbaijan and was populated by Azeri Turks and some Armenians, skilled weavers and dyers.From an indigo background, seven geometric medallions stand out and contrast with a red and brown background, with white edges, with other minor ones inside, a...

  • SHIRVAN 208x147


    ANTIQUE SHIRVAN CAUCASUS, MIDDLE OF 20TH CENTURY 208x147 CARPET #T99 From Shirvan, in the region of Azerbaijan in the Caucasus, this antique rug reflects the depth of intense colors of the expert dyers and weavers of this area. Three geometric rosettes in red on a violet blue background, among which are many small geometric symbolic shapes of...

  • SHIRVAN 223x134


    ANTIQUE SHIRVAN CAUCASUS, 19TH CENTURY 223x134 CARPET #2414 Shirvan is an area located south of the Caucasus mountain range, between Gendje to the west and the Baku peninsula to the east. The black background of the field of this carpet contains diamonds or diamonds attached, in orange tones, within geometric medallions, with profiles in...

  • SOUMAK 400x325


    ANTIQUE SUMAK CAUCASUS, END OF 19TH CENTURY 400x325 CARPET #3436 Soumak is named after the village of Shemaka in the Caucasus, where this technique was widely practiced, but it was certainly not invented there. Soumak has been widely practiced throughout the world of antique carpet production, from Central Asia to Iran, the Caucasus, and...

  • TAROM 302x120


    ANTIQUE TAROM CAUCASUS, C.1950 302x120 CARPET #42124 Hailing from the present-day Caucasus, the Karabakhs represent the best in quality and design among the ancient Caucasian carpet styles. Three medallions in the shape of a bouquet of flowers, influenced by the Savonnerie rugs, occupy the central part of the field, with four mediums in...

  • SERAPI 505x334


    ANTIQUE SERAPI PERSIA, C.1930 505x334 CARPET #3251 This splendid rug from the Heriz region follows classic design and color patterns. Starting from a rounded blue flower, it grows until it creates a large medallion with angular profiles, in various orange-red and blue tones, of great excellence. The corners with an orange background and dark blue...

  • SERAPI 373x275


    ANTIQUE SERAPI PERSIA, C.1940 373x275 CARPET #3306 Serapi is a variant of the rugs created in Heriz, in the Arak region of Northeast Iran, its design quality is somewhat more sophisticated over similar designs. Central star flower, rectilinear edges, serrated leaves and plant motifs occupy the field until reaching the corners,...



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