Selección Alfombras Hamid: Contemporary

We have a wide catalog of modern carpets with multiple and varied designs among which you can choose. Modern carpets are a central part of our entire catalog. We put at your disposal modern carpets of different shapes, colors, sizes, fabrics. Think of the carpet you want for your home, we can even make it to measure and with the personality you prefer.

Within our category of modern carpets we have different product lines: the Jenifer Yeste collection, long-haired carpets, smooth carpets, the Safa collection, the Florence collection and the Berber collection, among others.

You can choose according to colors: combine the tones of your walls and furniture with those of your carpet; combines materials. Depending on the area of ​​the house will be a more or less traveled carpet and will need a fabric or another; or according to the shape of the room, you'd better choose a modern round carpet or choose a more rectangular measure.

Whichever you choose, check with us if you have any questions about the best modern carpet for your home.

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