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Selección Alfombras Hamid: Contemporary

Jenifer Yeste was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, raised in Valencia, where she studied architecture, currently lives between Spain and Denmark.
His designs are marked by the fusion of both countries, he plays with the simple and elegant lines and strokes extracted from the Danish minimalism to which he endows with the strength of the bright and warm colors of the Mediterranean, all seasoned with the geometric component that underlies the architecture of their designs.

"Designing is sharing my emotions with whoever wants to receive them." Jenifer Yeste
The signature By Jenfer Yeste has created this collection of rugs of emotional design, which seeks to convey emotions through the created pieces. The designer believes that colors influence the mood of people, so each piece has been designed by studying and using color to positively influence people's emotions.

The technique used is hand-tufted, the wool is from New Zealand, soft and comfortable touch, of very good quality, allowing the colors to be bright and alive. In some pieces it has been mixed with viscose to give it more movement.

We invite you to discover the exciting emotional design of the firm and to delve into the depth of each design.
The measurements of these rugs are 240x170 but, we make them to measure! Ask us if you are interested in this option.
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