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Natural Fiber

Selección Alfombras Hamid: Natural Fiber


Natural fiber carpets have become one of the most demanded options today to decorate our home. Given the variety and types that exist and their versatility, carpets made of natural or vegetal fiber occupy a preferential place among Hamid carpet sales.

This type of carpets, also known as vegetable carpets, bring a lot of light and clarity to the room where we decide to place it, either in the bedroom, in the living room or as a carpet covering some stairs.

There are different types of vegetable fiber carpets that change their characteristics according to the material with which they have been made.

One of the best-selling types of natural carpets, and not only in our store, are Jute carpets. In fact, the concepts of "natural fiber carpet" with "jute carpets" are often used as synonyms.

Jute rugs are ideal for bedrooms. The fabric with which they are made is soft and light, making it pleasant to step on the bare foot. However, depending on the model, some are not very resistant to areas of high traffic. They are, therefore, the best choice to be able to enjoy the advantages of a natural fiber carpet at the foot of the bed and feel its softness every morning.

Some of the common characteristics of all natural fiber carpets is that they add a touch of nature to our home. In addition, they create a rustic and comfortable environment with a simple and clear design, without the need to incorporate large silhouettes or drawings that may not match the decoration of the house.

In addition, the fact that they are natural makes each jute rug different from the previous one, so you will have in your home a unique and original piece that will give your room, living room or hall the perfect touch to feel in a real home .

Natural fiber carpets are the ideal complement to our Kilims, as they provide the balance between jute fibers and colorful kilims.