Jute Giralda

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    THICKNESS: 8MM Origin: India Manufacture: Handmade Composition: Jute Main Features: - Jute carpets are biodegradable. - They are stain resistant, long lasting and easy to care for. - For use both indoors and outdoors. - Can be vacuum cleaned.

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Selección Alfombras Hamid: Jute Giralda

Jute Giralda Carpet from Alfombras Hamid

Jute rug handwoven from natural plant material.
Due to its soft natural color it combines perfectly in any room of the home, giving warmth to the environment.
The artisanal aesthetics of our Giralda model gives it personality and allows it to adapt to all decorative styles.

At Hamid Rugs we use a huge variety of natural fibers in the manufacture of our rugs, including jute. This is a 100% ecological, biodegradable and recyclable fiber.
Jute is a natural fiber with a silky golden sheen, which is why it is called a golden fiber. Commonly known as jute, Corchorus is a tropical plant from which this fiber is extracted, cultivated in hot climates such as those of India and Bangladesh, among others.