The beginnings

 The firm Hamid is named after its creator and established in 1983 in Madrid in Calle Núñez de Balboa where it began its activity in the importation and sale of hand-knotted oriental carpets from various countries in the east as Persia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, India, Nepal and Turkey. 
This first stage of constant travel to these countries creates a close relationship with suppliers based on trust and the search for new qualities, designs and textures in the countries of origin, introducing innovative ideas in the carpet market for the firm Hamid. The firm offers a wide range of carpets of different designs, both traditional and newly created, resulting from the permanent study of color and quality, creating their exclusive collections such as "Shayan", " Omid "," Farahan "," Bamian "," Suzani ", among others. 

Evolution of our carpets

 In addition to newly created carpets, he specializes in antique carpets, with a limited collection of unique pieces of great value for their unique features - such as the use of natural dyes and exclusive designs of the looms of his time - and in perfect conservation.
 The basic materials of our carpets are mainly wool, also natural silk and wool-silk blend and more recently have introduced qualities of cotton such as chenille, natural fibers such as hemp and acrylic fibers.  A walk through this page, offers you many options by finding carpets of classic and modern designs, smooth and full of color, carpets of great density and very soft with long hair or in wool fabrics very thin like kilims; designs all of them that are in a great variety of measures. 

The firm Hamid is committed to offering authentic pieces with a perfect finish. Their carpets all go through an exhaustive tracking from their place of production.
 In addition to its online store, Hamid carpets have two own stores, one in Madrid and one in Barcelona, ​​where you can see and enjoy the highest quality carpets. (See our Stores). 

Beyond the carpets 

Leaving a better world and actively participating in it is one of the most important action for us. That is why in 2003 the Nehal Foundation was created, which was born in the spirit of creating links between Eastern and Western cultures, as was the wish of the founder and Persian mystic poet D. Manucher Hejazi Tafreshi. This foundation is based in Madrid and has as its object: 
  • Safeguard and disseminate the literary work of the author, transmitting to future generations his intellectual legacy. 
  • Foment, support and promote the knowledge and dissemination of the Farsi language and literature, as well as any other cultural, scientific or knowledge manifestation.
  • Promote values ​​of respect for humanity, peace, unity and develop and favor projects of humanistic research, protection of children and youth.
  • To carry out, promote and develop social, welfare, cultural and educational works and promote the study and dissemination of literature and the humanities.
Another of our projects are the rural accommodations "El Cerrao de Takor" located in a small village of San Vicente de la Barquera, between the sea and the mountain, next to the "Molino de Bonaco", on the shores of the river Escudo. It has landscaped areas, native forest, bamboo forests, a small lake and a waterfall. An incomparable environment in which to enjoy the nature and to observe the flora and the fauna of the place.  

These accommodations seek to promote quality rural tourism by respecting the environment and creating a haven of total peace in the imposing nature of Cantabria.