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CARPET #980369

It comes from the city of Isfahan, center of Persia. Its name AHMAD is due to the name of the master Ahmad of the workshop where it was woven. Unidirectional carpet with a profuse design full of symbolic elements, such as cypresses, birds, fountains, branches and flowers, all in allusion to the gardens of this beautiful city. Soft ocher, pink and white colors. Finished with a simple fret with ocher colors, soft browns and branches on white.

For many people, Isfahan is probably the main attraction in Iran. Architecturally, the city is a masterpiece and one of the highlights in the Islamic world.
In the city and its surroundings you can find a wide range of workshops. Many of them have a worldwide reputation: as Seirafian, Davari, Enteshar and Haghighi. Often the motifs are inspired by the tile works of mosques or the gardens and palaces of cities. The carpets of Isfahan have a high classification when it comes to the composition of motives, materials and realization. Isfahan is characterized by thin rugs with high density of Shah Abbas motifs, but figurative motifs can also be found.

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