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BAKHTIAR 365x278





CARPET: #3308

West of Persia. Blue sky background and on it, geometric designs in red expanded over the without recharging it surrounded by a fine ivory fret with a design followed by red fretwork with floral design and ending with the same fine fretwork in ivory.

In the region of Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari a vast area of carpet production employs nomadic villagers of diverse origins.
The carpets are sold under the common name Bakhtiar (also Baktiar, Bachtiar and Bakhtiari), sometimes with the indication of the locality: Boldaji, Feridan or Saman. The carpets are made of quality wool and are hit very hard which makes them thick and solid so they are considered one of the most durable Persian rugs. A well-known motif is the Khesti (garden), where the carpet is divided into squares with plants and animals symbolizing the Persian garden. Medallion motifs or representations of trees are common in Isfahan carpets.
The best Bakhtiari carpets whose density of knots is the highest are sometimes called Bibibaf.


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