Collection Simorgh by Oukaleele

The SIMORGH exhibition emerged from thirty drawings and original designs by Ouka Leele, along with the handcraft work of a group of women weavers from Afghanistan who have managed to collect, knot by knot, the idea and the color of the Spanish Artist, translating them into the rugs of this Collection.

The exhibition SIMORGH, is the analogy of the traveling birds that have overcome all obstacles during their pilgrimage and have reached their destination. A long journey from Afghanistan to Spain, to weave the millennial culture of the Middle East and the Western way of life that reminds us that human emotions and longings for freedom are universal.


Ouka Leele is admired by all audiences: people from the world of art, fashion, cinema, theater, literature ... but also people of all kinds, origin and condition, older and younger people feel the inner magnet of what was undisputed muse of the eighties, during the Spanish transition. Today, it is considered an icon of art.


With Ouka Leele we can jump to the other side of the mirror and experience surprise, delight and emotion, a lot of emotion.


Collection Simorgh by Oukaleele

Entrevista: Ouka Lele y Hamid Hejazi


 Ouka Leele se atreve con una nueva técnica: diseñar alfombras 

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Collection Simorgh by Oukaleele

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