This selection of oriental rugs are knotted by hand with very good quality wool, made in Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Turkey. Of classic designs, classic renewed and modern. They are perfect for any room, halls and corridors. The oriental rug is very rugged.

The value of an oriental rug is measured by the quality of its wool, the number of knots per square meter and its design. These carpets can have up to 500,000 knots per square meter, which means that finishing a large carpet (300x200) can take more than 9 or 10 months if a single expert weaver does it himself.

Among our oriental rugs we have collections such as Ziegler, Farahan and Omid, made in Pakistan with designs that stand out for their elegance. In addition for its soft tones they generally combine very well with the room where they are placed. Another quality of carpets are the Shayan, Kothan and Anapurna that are knotted with New Zealand wool and using the Tibetan knot, which gives them a very soft and pleasant touch. They have a density of the order of 80,000 knots per m / 2.

Collections like Shiva and Tabriz are very high quality carpets. The Tabriz carpet is one of the most classic and best quality made in Iran. Its design and prestige comes from the city of Tabriz, where already in Persia they were famous for their excellent carpets. Our Tabriz Royal carpets are a special Tabriz collection made in Pakistan.

The Suzani Rugs, are very hand-knotted pieces in Afghanistan with wool of the best quality on cotton warp, made with Turkish knot. His designs are taken from the old Suzani fabrics of Uzbekistan - Central Asia. Of floral motives, as a symbol of fertility and life. The word Suzani comes from Persian, it takes its name from "Suzan" which means needle.

Although each rug is different, in this collection highlights the colors blue, ocher, brown and eggplant. The harmony of its natural colors makes it a perfect carpet for rooms, living rooms or bedrooms. Mohtasham carpets are updated color replicas of one of the finest Persian rugs woven in the 19th century. It has a density of 230,000 knots m / 2.

Haji Jalil rugs are a faithful reproduction of an old carpet of the so-called HAJI JALIL or HADJI JALIL that were made in the late nineteenth century in Persia. Haji Jalil was one of the most famous carpet weavers in history, known for his virtuosity when it comes to combining colors and mastering the technique of weaving.

Are you looking for a carpet to give the hall a new look? On numerous occasions, when decorating our home, we forget the corridor. We have oriental rugs with a lot of style and personality for these passage areas. Enjoy the touch and beauty of an oriental rug. We bring the best oriental rugs from their origin to your home. All with their certificate of origin.

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FARAHAN 220x122 FARAHAN 220x122 FARAHAN 220x122
Limited special offer
€1,122.00 €1,320.00
Origin: Pakistan Type: Hand Woven Type of knot: Turkish Composition: Weft - warp: Cotton Knot: Wool Available in our Central Warehouse
FARAHAN 238x77 FARAHAN 238x77 FARAHAN 238x77
Limited special offer
€778.86 €916.30
Origin: Afghanistan Type: Hand knotted Knot Type: Double Persian Composition: Weft - warp: Cotton Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable
FARAHAN 312x78 FARAHAN 312x78 FARAHAN 312x78
Limited special offer
€1,034.45 €1,217.00
Origin: Afghanistan Type: Hand knotted Knot Type: Double Persian Composition: Weft - warp: Cotton Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable
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