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TABRIZ 424x335


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PERSIA, C.1950


CARPET #26299

The Tabriz carpet is one of the most famous and recognized within the Persian carpet tradition. Origin of the city of Tabriz, capital of the province of Azarbaiján, northwest of Iran and fully popularized by its people. This city was one of the main centers of production with a great diversity of types of carpets, being its heyday in the 12th to 16th centuries with more than 200 schools where masterpieces were produced, characterized by the development of the pictorial art of miniature that had a great influence on carpet weavers, who projected it on their pieces. This piece with two basic colors, ocher red and intense blue in its field, has a wonderful rose window and an extraordinary fineness in the ornamentation of the rest of the carpet and a main fret with fine and sinuous interlocking branches.


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