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Solid Border

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A smooth wool rug is a safe bet. The smooth carpets do not have to be boring, far from it! Sometimes we need to give the space textures, but we do not want these to be the focus of attention. A smooth carpet adapts to any space and type of decoration, we just have to take into account the predominant color in the room.

They are easy to combine with other textiles in the house, with curtains, bedding, sofa, cushions, etc.

Having no reason, can contribute, along with the rest of the little ornate decoration, to give a sense of spaciousness. Although they have no design, they have the fret marked in another color of the same range. This detail enhances and structures the space, without giving the impression of being carpeted.

For bedrooms, where normally, we want a decoration that conveys a sense of calm and comfort to help us sleep and rest, we want it to reflect a cozy and modern, these carpets are perfect. There is specific bed foot measurement.

If you need a smooth carpet for the living room or the living room, modern style, we have large measures that fit with the standard sofa measurements.

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