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Discover and enjoy our wide variety of exclusive rugs at Hamid Carpet. From the fine rugs and silks to the Persian, oriental nomadic carpet or unique antique pieces. Hamid rugs has always been characterized by having a selection of the best oriental rugs. These pieces are completely handmade and handmade by weavers with many years of experience. The result is that each piece is a true work of art.


Each collection is a world

A rug is not just a decorative object, it is a memory and an emotion that will last a lifetime. In many homes the carpet is the place where most of life is done; children play in it; the family gathers on top of it and it becomes the central element of the house. The rugs that you can find here are unique pieces, works of art on which to create memories for a lifetime. Each piece has been selected by our experts and has passed a rigorous quality control that ensures the neat finish of each piece.

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  • USHAK 325x285 USHAK 325x285
    USHAK 325x285

    Origin: India Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool

    4 500,00 €
  • BIDJAR 420x311

    Origin: Iran Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool Weft and Warp: Cotton Available in our Central Warehouse

  • KHOTAN 445X355

    Origin: Afghanistan Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool

  • KHOTAN 420X300

    Origin: Afghanistan Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool

  • SERAPI 510X390

    Origin: Iran Type: Hand knotted Composition:        Weft - warp: Cotton       Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable TO CONSULT PRICE Available in our Central Warehouse

  • AGRA 500X350

    Origin: India Type: Hand knotted Composition:        Weft - warp: Cotton       Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable TO CONSULT PRICE Available in our Central Warehouse

  • IRAN ARAK 361x264 IRAN ARAK 361x264
    IRAN ARAK 361x264

    Origin: Iran Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool   

    5 000,00 € 2 500,00 €
  • BAMIAN 244x164 BAMIAN 244x164
    BAMIAN 244x164

    Origin: Afghanistan Type: Hand knotted Composition: Cotton Type of knot: Turkish

    666,67 € 200,00 €


Carpets of all time

Among our collection of antique rugs, you can find antique rugs, mostly Persian and Caucasian from the 19th and 20th centuries, true works of art with an almost incalculable value.

In ourexclusive Simorgh collection by Ouka Leele you can take a virtual tour through his artistic creations and the exhibition in our Hamid store in Madrid.

We also have fine and silk rugs, ,called fine because they can be made of wool or wool and silk. With knot a knot density of up to one million per square meter, which ensures a better quality of the carpet, more resistance and better definition in the design. Silk rugs are the highest quality rugs within oriental rugs since the raw material makes the result a soft to the touch and easy to look at. These rugs are the most valued next to antique rugs.

Among our collections are classic oriental rugs and nomads . The main difference is that nomads are 
made by true weavers and nomadic tribes (mostly Persians) who do not follow an established pattern but perform their designs from memory, these having been passed down from generation to generation, a tradition that has existed for centuries. Our classic oriental collection is made in factories following a pattern. They are also woven knot by knot by skilled weavers. Among our oriental rugs are Ziegler, Omid, Farahan, Shiva, Suzani, Anapurna or Shayan designs among others.

Ushak and Mamluk rugs are two characteristic collections, one for being from the city of Usak (Turkey) with a great tradition in rugs and the other for being a carpet with Egyptian designs from the time of the Mamluk dynasty.

If you have a very large space in your home, a living room, dining room, entrance hall or even a room that requires a large carpet, you will find a great variety in the "Large" collection. From 300x200 to 600x400 carpets to cover large spaces with the best quality carpets.

One of the most innovative collections is the "Inspirational Rugs" collection, inspired by classic but renewed designs and mixing the traditional with the contemporary. Proof of this is the ART collection, inspired by designs by William Morris, and the AHMAD collection, which mixes classic floral design with an innovative colour scheme.


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