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At Hamid Rugs we have large rugs for all tastes and in different fabrics. From more classic Persian rugs to Ziegler, Mamluk or Collage and modern designs.

One of the most requested measurements is the 350x250 mat that we have available in our catalog. We have large rugs from 350x250 through 400x300 and up to 600x400, for all kinds of spaces.

You can choose between various designs such as prints, plain, modern or classic colors. We also have large rugs of different materials, so you have the option to choose between the one that best suits the type of house and decoration you have.

These types of rugs are fantastic to cover a large part of the surface of our home, such as very large living rooms with double rooms or large spacious bedrooms. If you have a dining table that seats 8 or 10 people, you will need a large carpet so that the chairs are inside the carpet and thus be more elegant.

Large rugs have a great visual impact that you can take advantage of in your home decor. Beyond being the plus of comfort and warmth that your home needs.

In open-plan spaces that succeed in modern home layouts, large rugs help “zonify” or differentiate different environments, while “anchoring” furniture so that it doesn't appear to drift. Placing large rugs with colors from the same range in different rooms helps to create a visual pattern that brings harmony as you walk through the house. This works especially in spaces decorated in a minimalist way or with neutral colors.

If you are looking for large rugs, do not hesitate and contact us. We are here to help you buy the one that best suits your tastes and needs, and we can advise you on what you need, even by appointment in one of our showrooms.

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  • Iran Bownat 390x250 Iran Bownat 390x250

    Bownat 390x250


    Origin: Iran Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool Weft and Warp: Cotton Available in our Central Warehouse  

    1 950,00 €
  • NAVID 397x398

    Origin: Turkey Type: Hand knotted Type of knot: Turkish Composition:       Weft - warp: Cotton       Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable To consult prices

  • OMID 484x298

    Origin: Pakistan Type: Hand knotted Type of knot: Turkish Composition:       Weft - warp: Cotton       Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable Available in our Hamid Madrid Store

  • SUZANI 358x275 SUZANI 358x275

    SUZANI 358x275


    Origin: Afghanistan Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool and Cotton Available in our Central Warehouse

    4 500,00 € 3 150,00 €
  • RAVAR - KERMAN 468x324


    ANTIQUE RAVAR - KERMAN PERSIA, 19TH CENTURY 468x324 CARPET #980141 Kirman is one of the best-known and world-renowned Persian carpet productions, its production from the late 19th and early 20th centuries inspired by the old ones from the 17th century. The Ravar or Laver are known for their delicate designs and the fineness of their workmanship. The...

  • SERAPI - HERIZ 388x294


     ANTIQUE SERAPI - HERIZ PERSIA, 1ST HALF TWENTIETH CENTURY 185x138 CARPET: #3308 Just west of Tabriz is the town of Heriz, located in the Iranian part of Azerbaijan. Where other antique rugs from Persia would use a curved shape, Heriz antique rugs will apply a series of angular twists and sharp right angle twists. This rug has a classic central...

  • Antiques - TABRIZ 424x335 Antiques - TABRIZ 424x335

    TABRIZ 424x335


    ANTIQUE TABRIZ PERSIA, C.1950 424x335 CARPET #26299 The Tabriz carpet is one of the most famous and recognized within the Persian carpet tradition. Origin of the city of Tabriz, capital of the province of Azarbaiján, northwest of Iran and fully popularized by its people. This city was one of the main centers of production with a great...

    11 200,00 € 8 960,00 €


    ANTIQUE BAKHTIARI - SHALMAZAR PERSIA, C.1940 443x343 CARPET #3431 Design carpet for panels or gardens, typical of this region of the Southeast of present-day Iran. The field is occupied by several rows of diamond-shaped panels, alternated in rows with red, blue and ecru backgrounds, with motifs of flowering branches and small vases in some....

  • FERAGHAN - SARUQ 482x198


     FERAGHAN - SARUQ PERSA, C.1900 482x198 CARPET #980288 Belonging to the group of "SARUQ or SAROUG" rugs, the Feraghan took that name as a distinctive of the rest of the Saruq and as a sign of elegance for the Persian Principalities, and they were manufactured between 1870 and 1913, north of ARAK. They are characteristic for their narrow and polyvated...

  • SERAPI 373x275


    ANTIQUE SERAPI PERSIA, C.1940 373x275 CARPET #3306 Serapi is a variant of the rugs created in Heriz, in the Arak region of Northeast Iran, its design quality is somewhat more sophisticated over similar designs. Central star flower, rectilinear edges, serrated leaves and plant motifs occupy the field until reaching the corners,...

  • SERAPI 440x338


    ANTIQUE SERAPI PERSIA, 19TH CENTURY 440x338 CARPET #H66 From eastern Azerbaijan near the Heriz area, the term Serapi is used as the best example of production. Its design is typical and almost unique, a rounded central rose window and around it a medallion in a blue tone and geometric edges, with four dark blue serrated leaves and two inverted...

  • ISPAHAN 410X315


     ANTIQUE ISPAHAN PERSIA, C.1920 410x315 CARPET: #3308 Extremely fine in its realization, as corresponds to one of the most precious productions of Persia that for centuries has exalted the original rugs of modern Iran. The field has a natural white background with a polyvated central medallion decoration with hangings and corner pieces in the form of...

  • SERAPI 505x334


    ANTIQUE SERAPI PERSIA, C.1930 505x334 CARPET #3251 This splendid rug from the Heriz region follows classic design and color patterns. Starting from a rounded blue flower, it grows until it creates a large medallion with angular profiles, in various orange-red and blue tones, of great excellence. The corners with an orange background and dark blue...

  • BAKHTIAR 365x278


     ANTIQUE BAKHTIARI - SHALAMZAR PERSIA, C.1930 185x138 CARPET: #3308 In the south-east of present-day Iran, there is a production area for one of the most solid and colorful rugs in Persia. The Bakhtiari and within it, some have their own surname. In this carpet her design of the field of vases and birds, she grants it, in this one it is...



    SULTANABAD ZIEGLER  C.1890 640x470 CARPET: #2846 Magnificent rug, made of wool with cotton warps, following the shapes of the Sultanabad region. Reddish field with decoration of palmettes, leaves and flowers; with a varied color of blues, greens, yellows and natural raw. The size of the decorative motifs is large and appropriate to the dimensions of...

  • SOUMAK 400x325


    ANTIQUE SUMAK CAUCASUS, END OF 19TH CENTURY 400x325 CARPET #3436 Soumak is named after the village of Shemaka in the Caucasus, where this technique was widely practiced, but it was certainly not invented there. Soumak has been widely practiced throughout the world of antique carpet production, from Central Asia to Iran, the Caucasus, and...

  • MASHAD 378x222


    ANTIQUE MASHAD PERSIA, END OF 20TH CENTURY 378x222 CARPET #3454 Mashad origin in northeastern Iran. Carpet with profuse vegetable dyes and discreetly decorated with two rosettes on its red field. Its narrow main border also with floral motifs on indigo.

  • BAKHTIAR 430x394


    ANTIQUE BAKTHIAR PERSIA, MIDDLE OF 20TH CENTURY 430x394 CARPET #9167 Persian carpet decorated in its base on a red background with four semi-geometric crowns at the angles in blue and a central white, framed by a fretwork with design as floral arches in white. It comes from the Zagros Mountains, west of the city of Isfahan where the Bakhtiar...

  • HERIZ 372x273


    ANTIQUE HERIZ PERSIA, C.1950 372x273 CARPET #3306 Coming from the Arak region and close to Tabriz, this rug with an ecru background and central medallion occupying almost the entire field, maintains the decorative criteria of these well-known and high-performance rugs. The work on the corner pieces is very detailed with zulated gray colors and...

  • KASHAN 335x235 KASHAN 335x235

    KASHAN 335x235


    Type: Hand Woven Composition: Wool Weft and warp: Cotton Plush: Wool Tint: Vegetable 

    3 600,00 € 2 160,00 €
  • NAVID 348x265


    Origin: Turkey Type: Hand knotted Type of knot: Turkish Composition:       Weft - warp: Cotton       Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable Available in our Central Warehouse

  • OMID 1-3 377x298 OMID 1-3 377x298

    OMID 1-3 377x298

    Origin: Pakistan Type: Hand knotted Type of knot: Turkish Composition:       Weft - warp: Cotton       Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable Available in our Hamid Madrid Store

    7 400,00 €
  • MASHAD 404X310 MASHAD 404X310

    MASHAD 404X310


    Origin: Iran Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool Knot Type: Persian Available in our Central Warehouse 

    6 000,00 €
  • Outlet - HERATI 299x385 (1) Outlet - HERATI 299x385 (1)

    HERATI 299x385


    Origin: Afghanistan Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool   Available in our Hamid Barcelona Store    

    3 400,00 €
  • Outlet - SAROUGH 305x270 (1) Outlet - SAROUGH 305x270 (1)

    SAROUGH 305x270


    Origin: Iran Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool     Weft - warp: Cotton Available in our Barcelona Store

    5 600,00 € 4 480,00 €
  • Outlet - JAIPUR 351x262 (1) Outlet - JAIPUR 351x262 (1)

    JAIPUR 351x262


    Origin: India Type: Hand knotted Knot: Double knot Composition: Wool       Available in our Central Warehouse

    3 500,00 € 2 450,00 €
  • Outlet - MOGHOL 363x265 (1)

    MOGHOL 363x265


    Origin: India Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool Available in our Central Warehouse

    4 200,00 € 3 360,00 €
  • MOGHOL 365x279

    MOGHOL 365x279


    Origin: India Type: Hand knotted Composition: Wool Available in our Central Warehouse

    4 800,00 € 3 840,00 €
  • Outlet - EREVAN 348x252 (1)

    EREVAN 348x252


    Origin: Armenia Type: Hand knotted Knot Type: Double Knot Composition: Wool Available in our Central Warehouse  

    6 599,00 € 3 299,50 €
  • OMID 323x247 OMID 323x247

    OMID 323x247


    Origin: Pakistan Type: Hand knotted Type of knot: Turkish Composition:       Weft - warp: Cotton       Knot: Wool Tint: Vegetable Available in our Central Warehouse

    4 200,00 €
  • Outlet - FARAHAN 338x240 Outlet - FARAHAN 338x240

    FARAHAN 338x240


    Origin: Pakistan Type: Hand Woven Type of knot: Turkish Composition: Weft - warp: Cotton Knot: Wool Available in our Central Warehouse

    3 700,00 €
  • Outlet - USHAK 345x246 Outlet - USHAK 345x246

    USHAK 345x246


    Origin: Iran Type: Hand knotted Type of knot: Turkish Composition:       Weft - warp: Cotton    Knot: Wool  Tint: Vegetable Available in our Central Warehouse

    4 200,00 €


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