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Outdoor Kilim

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If you are one of the lucky ones who have a terrace or a patio and, besides, you are worrying about decorating it ... Congratulations! Here you will be able to see our best selection of outdoor carpets.

In addition, outdoors it is easier to combine the colors of the carpet with the elements that will accompany it. You can let your imagination fly and choose to break with everything and choose colorful geometric shapes or, if you prefer, maintain the neutrality and simplicity of a smooth carpet of light colors looking for peace and tranquility.

Whatever your choice and leaving aside for a moment the design or shape of our outdoor rug, there is one thing that must be taken care of above all when we choose our carpet: the material.

The outdoor carpets must be made of a resistant material since it has to withstand more extreme temperatures, humidity, wind and even rain, snow or hail.

What materials are ideal for an outdoor rug to be affordable while resistant? The material used in our outdoor carpets is acrylic, because it allows a simple and quick washing with a hose or a shower you can clean it in a few minutes!

Finally, do not think that your terrace is not suitable to be decorated with an outdoor carpet. To all the terraces and balconies you can get that style that makes it special. Can we help you?

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